Pandas in Jilin enter a new life   2018-08-22 17:01:14     

  Pair of giant pandas has been sent back to Dujiangyan base of Sichuan province from Changchun, the capital of Jilin province on Aug 20. A farewell ceremony was hosted at Jilin Amur Tiger Garden.

Pandas in Jilin enter a new life

  The pandas were sent back to Sichuan province from Changchun, the capital of Jilin province on Aug 20. [Photo provided to]


  The male panda Jiajia and female panda Mengmeng came to Jilin on June 25, 2015. During the past three years, there have been more than 400,000 visitors who have come to see them.

  With scrupulous care, they have gotten used to the climate in Jilin province and reached the optimal age for reproduction.

  The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda decided to take them back to Dujiangyan base in Sichuan province to join them to the 2019 Giant Panda Breed Plan.

  Good news for the Changchun locals is that two young pandas named Chuyun and Muyun will fly to Changchun on Aug 21. They are both only two years old and therefore are active and energetic. It will be a good way for visitors in Jilin to get close to know more about giant pandas from a young age.

Pandas in Jilin enter a new life

  Jiajia and Mengmeng lived a good life in Changchun in the past three years. [Photo provided to]

YA’AN Ya'an is a prefecture-level city in the western part of Sichuan province, People's Republic of China, located just below the Tibetan Plateau.The first giant panda was found in Baoxing County of Ya'an; Ya'an is also the origin of Artificial planting tea of the world; Mengding Mountain in Mingshan County, has been keeping seven tea trees, which are believed to be the origins of tea, for more than 1,000 years.


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