Panda Huanhuan gave birth to cubs   2017-08-09 11:12:01     

  Chinese panda Huan Huan gave birth to twins on Aug 4th, according to ZooParc de Beauval, which is about 200 kilometers from Paris in central France.

  Although the first cub died shortly after birth, another baby panda was in good condition.

  Chinese ambassador to France Zhai Jun sent a congratulatory message for the director of  Beauval. The letter pointed out that it was a new symbol of friendship between China and France, and it will further strengthen the ties between the two counties.

  It was the first baby panda born on France. Since the zoo announced the giant panda "Huan Huan" 's pregnancy , the French attention on panda continues to heat up.

  The zoo said the full-term male cub, the second born, weighs 142.4 grams. The cub and Huan Huan have been receiving intensive care from a team of experts at ZooParc de Beauval.

  The zoo has been confirmed that the French First Lady Brigitte Mucklow will serve as panda's "godmother". Brigitte Mucklow call the zoo to celebrate . She said that she was a panda fan, had been repeatedly visiting giant panda "Huan Huan" and "yuan zi". She plans to visit them again.

  Huan Huan, 9, became pregnant following artificial insemination. The zoo said the first born cub unfortunately died, despite all the care provided by its teams, who were helped by Chinese caretakers. Fortunately, Huan Huan is still very busy with her surviving cub.

YA’AN Ya'an is a prefecture-level city in the western part of Sichuan province, People's Republic of China, located just below the Tibetan Plateau.The first giant panda was found in Baoxing County of Ya'an; Ya'an is also the origin of Artificial planting tea of the world; Mengding Mountain in Mingshan County, has been keeping seven tea trees, which are believed to be the origins of tea, for more than 1,000 years.


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